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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happening This Week 3/14

I'm going to try and post updates weekly, which will all be titled "Happening This Week" and the date of the week.  I'll try to post them either late Sunday night or sometime Monday.

So, what is happening this week?
Well, for all of you KMAI folks, today is Mo's , I mean Mr. Mabrouk's birthday.  So happy birthday Mo, KMAI misses you.

So I've been in the "new" house for 8 days now, which is kind of hard to believe.  Our cats, Lucky and Duck-Duck are settling in well.  They've been having lots of fun exploring every room, closet, and drawer they encounter.  What's even harder to believe is that I haven't taken a single picture, which could possibly have something to do with not remembering where I packed all my camera gear.  I also can't find any of my three flashdrives, one of which has a virus so I wouldn't be using it even if I did know where it was.

It took the tech over 6 hours of work on Saturday in the pouring rain, but I finally have fios which should mean I have a new verizon e-mail address to share with everyone but it doesn't.  We're having so much trouble with verizon we got $240 off fios for the first year and if things continue the way they are right now, I foresee that amount rising in the near future.

I got a virus, well my computer did, which is always loads of fun so I haven't even been able to see how much faster fios makes the internet run on my computer.  Good news? The DCAD tech guy Bates told me he'd fix it tomorrow and it should only take him a couple of minutes.  Bad news? Almost all of my Abner pictures and videos are on that computer so if something goes wrong, it isn't going to be pretty.

Speaking of Abner, barring any more computer problems or a sudden unexpected massive DCAD assignment, I will probably have time to start reviewing and organizing all my footage this weekend.  If I don't have too much homework, which I sadly doubt, I may even start editing the first scene.  I'll be sure to keep everyone informed though so stay tuned.

That's pretty much it for now,
I have to get back to work before my paint acrylic paint dries on my pallette and brushes for good.

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