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Sunday, May 23, 2010

L'il Abner... Coming Soon to DVD!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm almost done editing, I only have two scenes left, neither of which require serious editing.  Tomorrow I'll be burning DVDs, all day to get them ready for Wednesday.  Thanks to everyone who ordered their copy of Lil Abner and for supporting the drama club.

After I edit these last two scenes, the only thing left is watching all of the edited scenes to make sure I'm not missing anything and to get them in the correct order.  I'm still fighting a nasty cold and sinus issues, so depending on how I feel, I will either do that tonight or have to get up early tomorrow morning.  Because the videos are so high quality, there won't be any room for the special features I talked about.  In fact, I'm having to reduce the quality on some scenes just to insure that they all fit in the 4.7GB DVD-R.  I also have to leave room for the DVD menu, sadly it can't be awesome like animated with video and sound because that takes up so much space.  I'll try to make it as cool as possible with the limited space I have.

Ordered as of 5/20/2010
Stacey(Ali) – 2 DVD
Stubbles – 5 DVD
Moser – 1 DVD
Carter – 4 DVD
Vitelli – 1 DVD
Boothe – 2 DVD
Eva – 2 DVD
Lester A – 2 DVD
Isaiah – 1 DVD
CJ- 3 DVDs
Krista – 1 DVD----24
Ordered and PAID
Garrison – 2 DVD (PD)
Krapft – 4 DVD (PD)
Geller – 2 DVD (PD)
Loraine – 4 DVD (PD)
Tara – 10 DVD (PD)
Asha - 2 DVDs
Kyle Klair – 2 DVDs
Angela Lamborn 4 DVD (PD)
Katrina 4 DVDs--34

This list will also show those of you who have paid either Mr. Celfo or Ms. Knowles.  Thanks to everyone who ordered, these DVDs will earn over $200 for the drama club to use in the future, which is great! If for some reason you ordered a DVD, but your name doesn't show up on the list, you MUST e-mail me IMMEDIATELY so I burn enough DVDs for everyone. Once again, my e-mail address is megbrownkmai@verizon.net

I AM NOT MAKING ANY EXTRAS! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! You have until 3:00 PM tomorrow to contact me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So I didn't quite make my deadline of finishing today, but I made good progress. I'm getting up at 7 tomorrow so I can edit the last couple of big scenes & then I have a few short scenes to check as well. The credits are already typed and I've started designing the DVD menu.

In other news, my cat Lucky discovered the washing machine for the 1st time today, we've only been here 3 months. Exciting huh?

I'll post another update tomorrow to keep everyone informed.

Megan aka LuckyDuckDEsigner

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Lil Abner Update

So I'm continuing to edit scenes for the Li'l Abner DVDs and while "A Typical Day" is rendering I thought I'd take a few minutes to update everyone on my progress.

The following scenes are completely edited:
A Typical Day
If I Had My Druthers
Cornpone meeting
Oh Happy Day
I'm Past My Prime
Progress is the Root of All Evil

So far, 53 DVDs have been ordered which is amazing, don't forget the last day to order is coming up this May 21st!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Making good progress with editing, hope to be done this weekend. Then just have to design DVD menus & start mass production

Monday, May 10, 2010

Edited Scenes Previews

So now that I'm finished with my first year of college, I'm finally working on the Li'l Abner DVDs.

Here are some videos of what I've completed, ENJOY!!!

Stay tuned for more

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happening This Week 5/10

So there are 2 big things happening tomorrow. Months after moving into my new casa, our furniture finslly arrives. As this pic demonstrates, having nothing but cushions is just sad.

But there's a 2nd thing, far more important than sofas. One of my closest friends (and drama club alum) Kim Cibroski is having major brain surgery in less than 7 hours. I ask that everyone keep her in your thoughts tomorrow as we wish her well on what will be a long & painful recovery.

As you have probably noticed, I've finally started editing scenes. previews will be/are viewable on the ghs drama club facebook group. Please spread the word and check them out. I always like input that could help me improve the DVDs.

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