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I'd like to welcome everyone to Lucky Duck Designs and thank you all for checking this site out. I've created this blog to keep everyone informed and updated on whatever project or odd-job I may be working on.

You'll see four main types of posts here:

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2) G.I. JOE DVD related
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Monday, March 22, 2010

New E-mail Address

I finally got my new verizon e-mail account setup.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns about ordering DVDs or whatever feel free to contact me here  Spring break is next week so I should have time to make some real progress on the Abner DVDs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happening This Week 3/21

Don't have much of anything to report this week.  In fact, I probably won't have any real time to work on anything until Spring Break, which I should probably find out when that is. 

The only downside to going to a small college is viruses! Not 12 hours after my computer became virus free, I picked up a nasty stomach bug that knocked me on my *** for 3 days.  I've got to work extra hard this week to get caught up, so don't expect any big news reguarding Abner updates.

My comcast e-mail account is gone now and getting verizon to do anything is like getting blood from a rock.  As soon as I have a verizon account, I'll post my new e-mail address so you guys can contact me with any questions.

That's all for now
Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happening This Week 3/14

I'm going to try and post updates weekly, which will all be titled "Happening This Week" and the date of the week.  I'll try to post them either late Sunday night or sometime Monday.

So, what is happening this week?
Well, for all of you KMAI folks, today is Mo's , I mean Mr. Mabrouk's birthday.  So happy birthday Mo, KMAI misses you.

So I've been in the "new" house for 8 days now, which is kind of hard to believe.  Our cats, Lucky and Duck-Duck are settling in well.  They've been having lots of fun exploring every room, closet, and drawer they encounter.  What's even harder to believe is that I haven't taken a single picture, which could possibly have something to do with not remembering where I packed all my camera gear.  I also can't find any of my three flashdrives, one of which has a virus so I wouldn't be using it even if I did know where it was.

It took the tech over 6 hours of work on Saturday in the pouring rain, but I finally have fios which should mean I have a new verizon e-mail address to share with everyone but it doesn't.  We're having so much trouble with verizon we got $240 off fios for the first year and if things continue the way they are right now, I foresee that amount rising in the near future.

I got a virus, well my computer did, which is always loads of fun so I haven't even been able to see how much faster fios makes the internet run on my computer.  Good news? The DCAD tech guy Bates told me he'd fix it tomorrow and it should only take him a couple of minutes.  Bad news? Almost all of my Abner pictures and videos are on that computer so if something goes wrong, it isn't going to be pretty.

Speaking of Abner, barring any more computer problems or a sudden unexpected massive DCAD assignment, I will probably have time to start reviewing and organizing all my footage this weekend.  If I don't have too much homework, which I sadly doubt, I may even start editing the first scene.  I'll be sure to keep everyone informed though so stay tuned.

That's pretty much it for now,
I have to get back to work before my paint acrylic paint dries on my pallette and brushes for good.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If You're Having Trouble Ordering your DVDs...

I understand that some people are having trouble posting their orders here on the site so I've been working with Ms. Knowles to find a solution.

I'll be adding a "Contact Me" box hopefully by Monday with my e-mail address so you can contact me if you need help.  Until then, you may give your orders to Ms. Knowles at crzymom323@aol.com  and she will forward them to me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just copy and paste this complete with your info as a comment for this post.  Once again, DVDs are five dollars each and the proceeds will be going to the Mike Kriner Education Fund, so please spread the word and let all your KMAI friends know about this.  Thanks everyone, and Tang Soo!

Your Name:
Valid E-mail:
KMAI location:
Number of DVDs:

Let me know if you have any questions.  I plan on having the DVDs complete and ready for mass production within the next few weeks.  I'll post updates right here at Lucky Duck Designs so you guys don't start driving Pat insane   make Pat more insane.

GI JOE DVD Details

I've spoken with Pat and we've worked out those annoying details such as price!

First, a little info about what the DVD will include.
-Our Kick-Ass, 1st place winning Demo (in awesome HQ)
-A case so you don't accidentally slice your DVD in half with a sword
-Photo album complete with photos before, during, and after our demo
-Origional soundtrack straight from Pat's Ipod
-Complete credits with everyone who was in the demo and who helped out
-A Special "In Memory of Mike Kriner" feature

The cost will be 5 dollars and the proceeds will be going to the Michael T. Kriner Education fund for his three young children.

Order form will be posted in a few hours

Thanks everyone and Tang Soo!

KMAI Presents GI JOE DVD order information

Once I speak to Pat and we reach an agreement about price and stuff, I'll post the order form for the JOE DVDs.  Nothing would make me happier than to let the proceeds of the DVD sales go to the Michael T. Kriner Education Fund for his three children.

I'll keep you guys updated

Tang Soo!

L'il Abner DVD Order Form

Okay, just to reminder everyone: DVDs won't be available until MID MAY OR LATER. I'm posting the order form now so that you have plenty of time to place your order and also so that I have enough time to process them. I will not spend 70 some hours editing this DVD and then have 6 people order them. College is all about time management and I will be giving up what little free time that I do have to edit these DVDs.

I will start editing once I have at least 10 orders (meaning 10 DVDs) but won't complete it unless 25 DVDs are ordered.

Here is the order form. Simply copy and paste the below form and place it in your comment to this post. All fields must be completed unless marked otherwise. Mr. Celfo and I thank you for your support of the Glasgow High School Drama Club.

Your Name:
Valid e-mail address:
Your Status: (please choose the one that best describes you) Current Drama Club Member, Parent of Current Drama Club Member, Current GHS Student (non drama club), Parent of Current GHS Student, Parent of/Former Drama Club Member, Past or Present GHS Staff, other
Number of DVDs: (remember they are $5 dollars each)
Method of Payment: Celfo's mailbox, Drama Club Banquet, or mail to GHS c/o Mr. Celfo
DVD Disclaimer: (please read this, complete it, and post with your order) I, State YOUR NAME, understand and agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to payment of DVDs and understand, I (your name) am solely responsible for picking up my (number of DVDs ordered) when they are available in Mid to Late May.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wont be working on things for a while. My week will consist of preparing for midterms, moving, and a funeral.